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sssvitlans. Love and Basketball. Steel Magnolias. I have goals to save up for a car (mainly for the commute since we get snowy winters here) and hopefully my own place. Sims 4 Updates - The Sims4 custom content I shouldn't talk about it, there was a blog a few years ago (around 2010) where the owner documented abuses from TSR staff (allegedly someone found keyloggers in some paid downloads, I cannot verify this though) Again, this was years ago, so it's better that some stuff be left in the past. Espero que gostem das co Sims 4 - Sweet Paitings Sims 4 - Comfortable Dream Kitchen Sims 4 - Paintings and Armchair Sims 4 - Bella House Sims 4 - Floral & Geometric Pillows Sims 4 - Tumblr Room Sims 4 - Billy Jean Clutter (TS2 to TS4) Sims 4 - Moxxa Sideboard (TS2 to TS4) Sims 4 - Groceries TS2 to TS4 Sims 4 - Vintage Living Room Sims 4 - Building on Newcrest Modern House Thank you for these 2 ½ years. Download this Sim here: http://www. Normally I live in Norway, where I'll go back once I've go my BSc in Biology. Hi, Annika! I am absolutely loving the Victorian/Edwardian CC you have released lately! Since you have been creating historical content ever since I followed you two years ago, I was wondering if you could make some of the dresses from the Fifth Avenue set converted by BustedPixels with longer skirts, they would be perfect for a late 1900s/early 1910's game! Anonymous sent: Heyy i really love your creations! I just wantend to ask from where those kitchen cabinets, the tiles in the bathroom and the sinks are from ? Btw it’s from the last post of the kitchen backsplashes. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Hey guys, Today I have a topic to talk about that is very close to my heart and I feel like I have to share this with you. eat that cake. Tags: # sims # sims 4 # gtav # gta 5 # the sims 4 # sims 4 gameplay # sims 4 gamesave # sims 4 mods. . 00 | teen-elder hair | Cats&Dogs required. Though I’ve been making CC since The Sims 1, I’d never taken the time to sit down and learn to mesh before. professinal photographer, i do art, pescatarian, i can name over 200 dog breeds in a minute and this simblr is just for posting aesthetic pics of my sims -OPEN ME- -ABOUT THIS VIDEO- 1. Heyo! I personally never liked the default wrench icon for CC catalogue swatches. I may or may not have gone a little overboard. So I don’t promise that I have time or inspiration to create anything but we’ll see :) Edit: I just presumed that you meant TS2 but I guess I could create sims for TS4, too :D The Sims 4 Mod Constructor is a program for creating custom traits and aspirations in The Sims 4. Hallo, I'm Figs and this is my official tumblr for Sims 2. Hey all, Island Living for The Sims 4 is finally out a pack ive been wanting ages now its out i was heavily inspired with the graphics, style and Colours of this new expansion pack i have created a vibrant eyeshadow set with many colour to be used on your sims 30 shades altogether! My name is Vibeke and I play the Sims. New Gang. We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin. Your Sim will get a happy buff from doing winter activities :) I tested it and it works fine in game. Mermaid Create a Sim Island living Download Sasha hair Link in video description here-please note- This is my husband youtube channel that I like to make videos on please don’t ask him anything about the sims because he has no idea of how to play this game lol I just took over his account for now:)) I hope you all enjoy the video. The Sims 2/3/4. make the most of what time Marine Eyeshadow Set. Here are some samples of it. Welcome to my new simblr! Fan of sims since SimCity!!! [Tumblr & IG] Special thanks to the beautiful @xerosia__ for being my pose pack’s model! SO I WAS FINNA CRY CAUSE I COULDN’T CREATE SIMS FOR A WEEK BY ANY LOOKBOOK FROM A WEEK TO NOW I HAVE PLANNED BEFORE. Build - Wallpapers, price - 4$. helen-sims:. I’ve been using AOM’s CC wrench icon hiders in the past but it got confusing when certain CC (specially Buy/Build mode) didn’t have its own custom thumbnail. Meeting all of I don't answer questions. Vixella's Sims CC Hello! I'm not Vixella. TS4 Wallpaper Affresco Botany / Forest 01. I joined the sims community in November of 2010 and I joined tumblr a year or so after that. I sometimes make cc and requests are always welcome. I’m a creator who plays sims 3 and loves it far more than 4 but I be started feeling down and wondering if I should even still make things for sims 3 if everyone is out playing 4. Creating sims sounds like a good way to try and wake up my simspiration… So tell me what kind of sims you want and I’ll try to create something. rage-quitter:. Posted 8 months ago 3732 . Feel free to message me if you're looking for a specific CC piece 3 just wanted to say that Leo is one of the prettiest/handsomest sims i have ever seen, male or female and i am in love with his design :) Thank you so much He is currently my favorite sim and I put a lot of work into him, so I am happy to see his design is appreciated! day 3: speed dates (date 2/7) deane and kaydence headed out to an indoor pool and just hung out. Genetics:. I believe I did everything correctly, but feedback is welcome. For a full list of my CC, click on "My Creations" Below. Sorry I'm such a mess. 3. ohwyxii:. If you have issues/questions about my content, please contact me via my Tumblr. Apr 2, 2019 Like any other fandom, the Sims community often gets swept by trends. So the arrival to the chosen resort, um I forget the name at the moment, wasn’t easy! It took what would have been a whole sim day for them to get settled. the sun is going to blow up and we’re all gonna die someday. Right now I mostly play TS4. This is part 1 of a huge folded clothing deco set for the sims 4 ↓ More recolors of these new 11 meshes (1 not pictured) coming soon! • Single sweater / 10 swatches xxmoniquesimsxx. I've tried making my own and they never come out the way I want it to be. If you know of other sliders, please let me know through the ask box or by message! Home » Sites » sssvitlans. TS4 Wallpaper Affresco Botany/Forest 02. give anyway because why spend your eighty years on this rock miserable and making other people miserable. nieswillsneeze:. I will have very little time for sims because I am 22 and unfortunately that means I must put some adult things first. I think my first one came out pretty good! Though I may be biased, since The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series. I decided to make a  Hit the Lights Long Hair for The Sims 4 I went to the website to download this and i download a million more things. I would’ve never thought i’d gain so many followers in such a short period of time. The Blog welcome here! 18 Hilarious Tumblr Posts Only "The Sims" Fans Will Get. 1. c'est la vie i'm gonna LittleMsSam's Sims 4 Mods Here you’ll find all kinds of Mods. sevensims. I left here precisely because of that, you are horrible, TSR it’s horrible, Simsdom is horrible, & the Sims Community overall is incredibly toxic. I just wanna say, thank y’all so much for 1k. A more throught explanation can be found in the linked to post. But everything, what I found, was ugly/unnatural/shitty. Big thanks to Bear for sharing the base texture file <3 comes with 35 new textures 12 color swatches & 23 random swatches mesh needed (take it here) by @bear-sims tag me if you use this retexture s2 I’ve been editing born-in-game sims to cope with the stress today. With custom thumbnail! Sims 4 Prostitution Mod UPDATE! Hey everyone, so I have been working on a prostitution mod which I was previously going to release on my Patreon, but I’ve decided major updates to this mod will be released on my tumblr so you all can have access and I can get some good feedback! brattylulu:. Perfect for morbid Sims! You can use MC Command Center to promote your Sim (From a computer in-game, click Cheats>Career>Promote), OR if you have UI Cheats Extension you can right click on a job icon in the career panel to promote or demote your Sim, OR the cheat below if you don’t want to complete cloutbait:. just remember that we as people of color are equally beautiful and deserve to be showcased and celebrated, wether it be the sims or any other Sulani with the DreamXSims4, Day Three. sanrio tees - @nitropanic‘s tucked tee recolor this is the third and last part of your followers gift! enjoy :-) standalone; 32 swatches (including kero kero keroppi, my melody, hello kitty, bad badtz-maru, kuromi, little twin stars, pompompurin, cinnamoroll and chococat) All tags Sims 3 CC. they ended up just acting really cute on the ledge of the pool. That’s just a fact. Her Twitter every now and then when she remembers. The Sims 4 Mod Constructor is the successor to The Sims 4 Buff and Trait Factory, and the old version of Mod Constructor which I’m no longer supporting. far-east-sims. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 1:51 PM / 42 / i was like 'wouldn't it be so funny if. maccosimetics. I hope you love everything I'll be sharing here. As you may know @0201-sims and I had a sim swap, so like, I used her sim Shouma in what started out as an homage to that one weird period in the late 2000′s where like the tackiest gaudiest shit was cool and all the guys had horrible bleached ikemen hair, but then halfway through editing my roommate comes in and is like “whatcha’ doin’” and I’m like “Doin’ sims Hello Love!! Since Benji was a . Get a v smooth v soft booty lewk for your sims wit this lil kitten trackiez . Meeting all of Hello, how are you? Welcome to my Tumblr! My name is Paullo, i have 19 yo and i'm brazilian. Confessions that are hateful, about tumblr or a tumblr user, already submitted, and/or at the admin's “Georgie was greatly elevated in Season 9 but Amy was still the primary focus and received more ‘A’ storylines than Georgie. After binge-watching the entire first season of Sabrina on Netflix, naturally I set out to build the Spellman Mortuary in the Sims. Created for: The Sims 4 by Xhallie. According to the current situation that our community is losing a space to be free in their creativity to write and create what we all love I came up with an idea how it could be possible that we can continue and do what we love. On this blog you can find my TS3 worlds Dronningslund and Enekjaer. One in English, the other in Simlish. My guess is that "A” stories are the most prominent in terms of drama, number of lines, scenes or time. 29 Times "The Sims" Was Accidentally Hilarious. Tools used include S4CASTools, Blender, and Sims 4 → #non sims #whiny kevyn is whiny #hah senior year is too much ← Hah! I got dumped, my ex keeps sending me pics of her tinder conversations and I’m sad, but uh here’s my dog with one of my many reborns. have a great day!!! Sims 4 - Brise Tropicale Are you looking for a nice place to have a drink or hang out with your friends in Sulani? This bar is the ideal spot for that! I really enjoy building in the new world with the new content. midnitetech ⚰️MORTICIAN CAREER⚰️. simfileshare. Hello! I created a Tumblr account and also a Dreamwidth a few days ago, I have custom content for TS2 & TS4. This means our main source of income to cover bandwidth costs is blocked when you are using our free service. Visit site . I only make sims 4 mod I used the eyes from the ‘Heartlines’ set by @pyxiidis to make mermaid defaults. Comments are reviewed before posted, there is no need to submit the same comment over and over. First of all, show your face…. I love 3D, Graphic Design and obviously The Sims. if you want to declutter your CAS and remove the original color swatches so this can work as a true default set of colors, follow this tutorial. Fruit salad shorts. You can live out your craziest fantasies on Sims, for example, you can have a job and a house. About the author. As I announced here I’ve descided to stop being a part of the Sims 2 community and do anything Sims 2 indefinitely. SO THEY CC THEY ARE ROCKING THAT NEW IMAN SET BY @volatile-sims. forgetting which ones i usually put on my sims and i'm tired of having to go to my own resources to see. 52. MESH SHOES BY ME. And a lot of the time after updates I can’t even open Sims until I delete multiple of the largest custom content items I have. Hello cuties! Not sure if you expected me HERE, but hey, why not post small things on tumblr, too? With the last Sims 4 game patch (June 18th 2019, patch 1. Hello, how are you? Welcome to my Tumblr! My name is Paullo, i have 19 yo and i'm brazilian. This blog is dedicated to archiving custom sliders for The Sims 2. be nice to people. “ -[via Tumblr] If Scott says so, then I believe him. You may anonymously send a confession about the Sims in the Ask box. simplistic-sims4: Spellman Mortuary Sign. Their download links still work, I don't know for how long though, so my  All tags Sims 4 CC “ ◉ Create-a-Sim ” • Accessories & Tattoos • Clothing & Shoes • Genetics (Eyes, Skins, Body & Facial Hair, etc. youtube. REAL TALK / CHRISTMAS PROJECT. Related coatisims:. February 17th, 2016 noted a big change for The Sims community with the release of Deevo’s Tray Importer tool’s version 1. you are awesome and as a community, we're very lucky to have you. With custom thumbnail! whirliko:. View all downloads by . 100. Recolors Sofá - Sims 4 Uma vez que um dos meus sofás favoritos só vinha com uma cor, fiz uma recoloração dele. ♥ Open Me ♥ Pastel Gamings' Channel: https://www. May 1, 2013 If you spent hours of your youth crafting the perfect McMansion and flirting with your neighbor on The Sims, this hilarious and disturbing Tumblr  Jun 17, 2014 Most people know about the Sims, a casual life simulation videogame. Posted 8 months ago 3988 . Filed under Halliwell Manor Sims 4 rug. With custom thumbnail! Thanks to Zerbu and their new Mod Constructor, I managed to make a Trait especially for Sims 4 Seasons! The new WINTERCHILD TRAIT. Maria/23/Germany and England. LOVELY COMPLEX - couple poses for ur tall gals and short fellas. com/channel/UCWKZ ♥ Pastel Gamings' Video: https://www. Fixes, tuning Mods or Mods that add new Gameplay Theme by roxiestheme • Powered by Tumblr LittleMsSam's Sims 4 Mods Here you’ll find all kinds of Mods. sims. Don't post my CC on maysims. I'm just a typical average 16 Years old girl interested in learning 3d modelling and progamming. i'm sorry no takesies backsies we're both stuck with him now this is so poorly written but it's the only post i had ready for my trip and let me tell u i am VERY ready to come home i'd rather be playing sims n fixing this post but. i was rip tumblr has Her IG, not that much. 00 | teen-elder shorts | bgc helen-sims:. Sorry if I didn’t answer, I needed a break and I’m still not motivated by the Sims 4 by now. THIS OUTFIT WAS SO BOMB TO ME BECAUSE THE AWESOME COLORS . Filed under: s4cc s4 s4 m top s4 m bottom s4 alpha s4 male s4 uniform s4 army s4 uniform set sims sims4 ts4 ts4cc my cc s4 clothes s4 m clothes. March 11, 2015 Parlour Fan Prints & a rug! I have been mostly uploading artwork (but there was a lot!) so figured I would upload a rug this time as well as some art. i am leaving the sims for good as i have found a new home in second life. Sim file, he carries no actual Custom Content, Just his characteristics and name basically. Find friends, and even find amazing artists here. here is the inspo hi i just found your blog and i'm honestly in love with the three males sims in your post with all the cc. Drool worthy sims pictures. I also love design and have a passion for music such as emo rock and acoustics. 🇰🇷 gorillagorilla@naver. 1020/1220), the Off-Grid lot trait has been added, and it didn’t take long for people to hop onto Deaderpool’s Discord so tell us about the items they thought should work off-grid, too! Tomorrow I will share the hair you see on this picture. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. image. CAS Add On Swatches; Everything is BG except Manuea-Pinny Mayu Dress and Georgia Glam’s Rainboots. i want to thank everyone who has reached out to, helped, created for, hated on, and debated with me . Oh you think I’m toxic but came on my tumblr to inject poison like a snake. My mods are not affected by the patch, and you can continue to use them. Find Sims 4 cc in SimsDay. I don't take requests/suggestions. Well, the last one is actually just a face template that I slightly changed the jaw and eyebrows for, so I take no credit for her (and of course she’s the best looking of the bunch). this could absolutely be used for any gender and frames, i just went into it thinking like “middle school me was really into the anime lovely complex and i dont see a lot of tall girls x short boy couples” so here we are Hi, is it okay to ask where I can find a PSD file for a base game regular V-neck T-shirt? I'm not good at figuring out 3d models or meshes, but I do know how to work Photoshop/Firealpaca and wanted to make myself some T-shirts in certain colors and patterns for myself. i love comforting nihilism. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. yinala:. you dont owe the world shit. Mar 14, 2016 View "30 Times Tumblr and The Sims Made Beautiful Woohoo Together" and more funny posts on Dorkly. com Anonymous asked: Hi Trending sims and Brielle! I hope your day is going well. MESH CLOTHES BY ME  welcome to lilsimsie's custom content finds blog (ft. This is my gift for the people who sent me very kind messages since I left Tumblr. com/watch?v=VqwCi → I will not Welcome to Sims Confessions. Just kinda a personal question. 63 . Thanks to Zerbu and their new Mod Constructor, I managed to make a Trait especially for Sims 4 Seasons! The new WINTERCHILD TRAIT. is dollhouses, all inspired by a Simmer on Tumblr called Smart Milk. ) • Hair • Makeup & Sims  Apr 5, 2019 DRESS AND JUMPSUIT (NEW MESHES) - THE SIMS 2 · rafaelasims. REBLOG if you ️ the Sims-Community . Sims can swim in the new world only, however EA is not ruling out implementing this for other worlds down Hi, Nonny ♥ First of all thank you so much! Secondly, I’d love to help, but it’s a pretty broad question. I only try to find the CC she uses on sims but doesn't post on her own Tumblr. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. 5. Goth Sims 4 Hi, hello. the stars dont care about what we do. You will be able to "prank" tan other sims leaving tan marks on their body like hands, lips, or drawings. Searching for 'tumblr'. this only invalidates your opinion even more. Hey guys, I'm Josh, and I love playing Sims! Here, you can find CC I make, as well as some renders and occasionally, videos. The new version lets you easily create your very own custom traits and aspirations for The O’MIGHTY SHOP - SWEATPANTS COLLECTION. But I needed a sign… so here you have two versions I made for my build. Her Tumblr every day E: Are they the happiest they’ve ever been? Not today but overall, kinda I guess Y: What movie could they watch over and over again? Any and every Harry Potter movie. Share On tumblr Share On link This reminder that you can name your Sims anything and that name will show up in menus. Here’s a bunch of recolours in the palette from the Cottage Garden set. 1k Followers Gift . I still do appreciate, and recommend to check, AOM’s versions Ivka's Sims 4 Creations You can support my work at https://paypal. I'm not planning on updating anytime soon as of now this blog is considered [RETIRED], but my stuff will still be available as long as tumblr I’m back with something special for you! When I created Levi in TS3 I started to search Snk clothes for TS2. I'm probably gonna just reblog/post a bunch of sims stuff I download and maybe post lookbooks and such. ' then actually made it canon. Hello ladies and gentlemans, im back! and, here’s my newest retexture, from @bear-sims oversize hoodie mesh. My best advice is just to consume a lot of reference material, whether it be real life pictures or other’s simmer’s builds and photos. Fixes, tuning Mods or Mods that add new Gameplay Theme by roxiestheme • Powered by Tumblr cloutbait:. Works with Short, Medium, and Tall Walls. I updated the following 3D eyelashes! 3D Lashes Version 2; 3D Lashes Version 2 Additional Styles; 3D Lashes Version 2  The sims 4 hair. PEEPS THIS IS CONTASIOUS. 익명 회원 inquired: @naevys-sims’s mars hair for kids in the witching hour palette’s defaults! you need the mesh!get it here. Zebrazest deactivated, so here are the links of their hair to my reblogs. buy that eyeshadow. I was wondering how did you make your closet? I'm not sure if this was already answered, but I didn't see anything in the waif's. For those simmers who remember the wonderful Lunasims Sims 3 custom content she created a wonderful book computer for use in historical games and I’ve been wanting one for Sims 4 for ages! It’s fully functional as a computer, but won’t ruin your historical games with modern technology. Here’s a request from Courtney over at my Patreon. CC LIST: -GENETICS- BROWS// http://www. No fancy previews since you can see them beautifully in the original post, plus they were only really made for personal use but I figured they’d be helpful for some of you ^^ My actual Sims game doesn’t work anymore from all of my custom content, I can create sims but I can’t play the actual game itself anymore. I’m definitely one of those “plays The Sims as much as possible for a few months, then doesn’t for awhile” Simmers, so there’s nothing quite like a new pack to kickstart another round of: ALL SIMS, ALL THE TIME. Huge thanks to @houseofabsurdities for giving me permission to edit it! :) Hope you like them! If you use them in your sims feel free to tag me i'd love to see it :)  all the pride flags added into the sims 4 with the “it gets better” pride update + explanation of the flags! *the flag labeled the bigender flag is actually the  3D Lashes Update : July 5th 2019. SKINS @annoyinglydarkblaze @sims3melancholic @serenity-cc @thisisthem Welcome to my simblr! I make The Sims 4 custom content! 🌙 Anonymous hello! I just want to thank you for your time, talent, and hard work you've invested into the TS4 community. this could absolutely be used for any gender and frames, i just went into it thinking like “middle school me was really into the anime lovely complex and i dont see a lot of tall girls x short boy couples” so here we are Sims 4 Custom Content. 1 note. female; male; child OGY Folded Clothes B&W. There is a flotation device that you can float on that also moves about in the water. Hey everyone, theres been a little issue that occured in my lil peep tattoos, there was a missing thumbnail for the chest and neck tattoos so it was harder to found because it is set on feet slot. AND IT GIVES ME MOTORCYCLE VIBES. net/download/180147/ 2. 4. this includes:. My Origin ID is "FavreVibeke" Hi there. Artists' share photos and custom contents here. yall kept me young lol. I'm a custom content creator for the Sims 4. sueladysims:. Saurus Sims. who cares, we’re all gonna die. Sims 4 Downloads. skin; eyebrows; eyes /lenses; facial hair; body hair; Hair:. This is why his skin is oddly all black in color, to fix this, simply select which skin from your palette you wish to use on him, his is FRESH BLUE by BRNTWAFFLES <3 as for his hair, I got it from a downloaded sim i found From Ellisesims. I'm Inzey, 27 years, located at an uni in the UK. Has the interaction to splash other sims. me/Ivka4 ! Thanks!TOU: You can share the links to my tumblr, if you want to share, but don't claim it as your own. 4! The newest version includes a new Image Replacer feature that allows the player to upload custom images onto The Sims 4 Gallery to represent their creations. I am but a mere roach that plays the sims and wears too much black and band merch. sims 4 maxis match cc) Oct 8, 2018 Vixella // CC Tumblr . Love Jones. Details: 11 swatches; You really need this right now ! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Sometimes I share edits and lookbooks too! Menu; Gift · Ask · Follow · Home · Downloads · Lookbooks  Hey guys, I know how hard it is to find The Sims 4 custom content sometimes, especially if you're looking on Tumblr. The game patch for The Sims 4 today was to prepare the game for the Island Living expansion releasing later this week, and also included new Pride-themed items. This game has been a huge success for years, and the Sims 4 is about  Jul 18, 2017 We speak to the black simmers on Facebook and Tumblr who have turned their frustration over lack of diversity in the game into custom-made  3 days ago You may recolour/retexture my CC or use my meshes as long as you give credit / link back to the original post on my tumblr or on TSR. sims tumblr

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